WOFGPA Photo Listing Page

Club Activities

Dearness Home - Seniors Day

Xmas with Santa 2011

Hockey Day In Canada 2011

Hockey Day in Canada 2014

2017 Hockey Day In Canada

Tackle Swap 2016

2017 Tackle Swap

2018 Tackle Swap

Youth Activity Day 2015

Memorial Cup 2016 at the Club

Super Bowl 2016 Party

Club Site Pictures

Balloon Visitor

60 Years later - a View of Site

Club Site Views 2010

Club Photo's Winter

Water Fall Video from

 02 28 Found

on CCTV system by Steve

A Club View From Above

Lake PIC

Back Dock View From Steve

Photo Page’s or File’s Added 2015 / 2016 / 2017


Oct 2015

New Club Wall Crest

Photo Routing 2

Fish Stories

Goin Fishin - Stan  (Vid by Joe)

Gord’s Big One

Joe's 22" Fish 01-2016

A Big Carp Caught 05-08-16

Marco's Big Bass 2017

Trout Stocking Video

Fish In Spring 2010

Wild Life

Video of Hawk Captured on Camera 03 30 2016

Hawk Attack ?

New PIC’s Red Tail

Our Hawk - a View  From Above

Our Hawk (Vid) - a View From Above

Take a Look at this File for PIC’s of Wild Life at the Club

Deer on Site 1

Deer on Site 2

Snow Member's 2017

Fish Derbies

Ladies Fishing Derby 2010

Ice Derby Jan 2011

Fishing Derby 04 2015

Fishing Derby 10 2015

2017 Family Day Ice Derby PICs


790 Southdale Road (East)
London, Ontario    Canada
N6E 1A8    (519-681-2370)


The Purpose of the Association is to Promote Protection of Natural Resources, Environment and Conservation.